Testing and Introduction to Web Development in Java 4.79 http://spkr8.com/t/7785


Topics Covered

- JUnit and the importance of testing and TDD in software development
    - Red, Green, Refactor
- HTTP Basics
    - Forms, HTTP Verbs (GET, PUT, POST)
    - How to make a HTTP request (including discussion on the POST-REDIRECT-GET pattern)
    - Basic description of servlets, and associated configuration files for deployment in Java-land 

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Avatar-missing-icon-07 polygon, 16 Jun 12:57 PM

Raju once again did a great job presenting the material. He provides a deeper understanding of the topics than what is written in the books. His strong technical knowledge and time spent preparing is obvious.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 parabola, 16 Jun 01:06 PM

Just as the others, this was a fantastic session. Raju again and again shows his real world experience, which is leaps and bounds better than a "textbook teacher"

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Darrell Haag, 17 Jun 06:45 PM

Class material is not the best for learning, But the instructors presentaion and demonstration is first rate and I highly reccomend his insruction.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 rajsmallworld, 17 Jun 11:54 PM

Great class. For a person like me with no web programming experience, Raju did a great job in explaining the web concepts

Avatar-missing-icon-04 rapture, 22 Jun 01:55 PM

Raju obviously prepares multiple examples in various ways and presents the material in ways. The huge benefit is that it really doesn't matter what type of learner you are he will guide you through the material helping you to grasp even more difficult concepts.

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