Must It Always Be About Sex? 4.7


Why do some people keep talking about diversity? Who cares if we're all the same? So long as we're not technically discriminating against anyone, that means we're good, right? If we only get applications from white dudes, that must mean that white dudes are the only ones out there. Right? Right?

When we feel threatened, we find comfort among people who seem most like us. As specialization increases in the community, we glom on to people who look like us, talk like us, and think like us. There's safety in a crowd.

But there are real dangers in becoming too much alike: monotony breeds more monotony. Real innovation happens when you think different than everyone else. What happens when we ruthlessly eliminate different thinkers, as we winnow the stack of resum├ęs to those that seem most likely to "fit in"?

Come to this talk to find out what you can do to diversify - yourself, your organization, and your peers - and how you can help grow a better, stronger, more diverse community.

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Open-uri20120605-1-4c8hfi Ingemar, 18 Jun 04:04 PM

Best talk of the conference!

Stream.18708 emilybache, 19 Jun 07:18 PM

A talk I related to. I was so glad someone was saying this.

Linus_ascii_square_small linus, 21 Jun 11:28 AM

Comment deleted by linus on June 21, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Linus_ascii_square_small linus, 21 Jun 11:31 AM

I'm sure everyone has heard many discussions on the subject before, but this was approaching it from a new angle, or perhaps several new angles, at least to me.

I like the idea of removing names and identifiable information from CVs. Recruiters really should be doing this for us.

Very interesting talk, which I'm sure everyone at the conference learnt a lot from.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 kokina2, 30 Aug 04:29 PM

Really great talk! Like it!

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