Introduction to Web Development Using Servlets 4.86


Topics Covered

- Exploring servlets and the servlet specification
- Role of tomcat and apache in the stack
- How to use the doGet and doPost methods including
    - How to use the servletConfig
    - How to use the servletContext
    - How to extract parameters on a HTTP POST

Comments on this Talk

Avatar-missing-icon-09 parabola, 20 Jun 08:12 PM

Great class, as before, the books are lacking quite a bit, Raju picked up the slack as effortlessly as previous classes. Wouldn't be worth going without an instructor like this.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 P.Patel, 20 Jun 09:29 PM

Raju makes it look so easy. The concepts and practicality of what has been learned so far is coming together more and more each week. This web development stuff is neat and exciting. Looking forward to building on the knowledge already gained.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 rapture, 22 Jun 02:02 PM

At this point in the class I shouldn't be surprised at how Raju is able to take complicated concepts and break them down so that anyone can understand. However, don't read comments like that and think that he isn't advanced enough for experienced programmers. The class has people with various levels of understanding, he brings those who have no knowledge to the basic levels while extending the knowledge of those who are more experienced.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 Michael Jackson, 23 Jun 02:17 PM

This is the class that really filled in a lot of the pieces of the puzzle for me. Glad I didn't have to rely on the class books or never would have come close to understanding this.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 polygon, 23 Jun 05:15 PM

I wish all the Java developers in my company could hear these talks!

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