The Ballad of Goliath, EventMachine, and MongoDB 3.68


<movie_announcer_voice> In a world where software evolves at a breakneck pace, ONE piece of technology emerges as something truly interesting. And another. And another. So, like 3 different pieces.


Then, you realize that everything is not what it seems...

From the producers of a bunch of stuff you've never heard of and the director of some other stuff comes the story of what happens when 3 young, happy-go-lucky pieces of software get together and try to find their way in this mixed-up, crazy world. </movie_announcer_voice>

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Face2 Tim Tyrrell, 14 Aug 11:29 PM

Try to muzzle the profanity!!!

Avatar-missing-icon-01 xianchen, 10 May 01:53 AM

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