The Ruby Racer: Under the Hood 4.05


Have you ever had to implement the same validation logic twice: once in JavaScript for the browser and once in Ruby for the server? Has there ever been a JavaScript library like handlebars.js that you'd love to use server side, but can't because well... it's in JavaScript and not Ruby? Or perhaps a time or two you've been tempted to eval() some anonymous Ruby code, but you didn't dare because it's an unspeakably dangerous thing to do?

The solutions to these and many other problems are suddenly and elegantly within your grasp when you've got the power of a JavaScript interpreter right there with you in your ruby process.

Sound crazy? difficult? It's easier than you might think. This talk will focus on The Ruby Racer: a gem that brings the superb V8 interpteter to Ruby. We'll see how to call JavaScript functions directly from Ruby; how to call Ruby methods directly from JavaScript; how to extend Ruby classes with JavaScript; how to extend your JavaScript objects with Ruby, and a slew of other ways of managing their interaction that will bend your mind.

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Avatar-missing-icon-05 Steven Harms, 13 Aug 04:23 PM

This was a great presentation and Charles' work thus far has made a really exciting project. The presentation had a lovely symmetry to it (appropriate to the content presented).

Face2 Tim Tyrrell, 14 Aug 10:48 PM

You are a very good presenter.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 xianchen, 10 May 01:53 AM

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