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You can't do it all. Sometimes breaking the request/response cycle is just too constraining and you need to bust out of it. Enter asynchronous processing.

Delayed Job and Resque, two takes at solving this problem, are popular tools. We'll explore their differences, demonstrate how to get up and running in minutes, and show you how to find the best fit for your project.

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Open-uri20110813-27559-oasl4f-0 ghg27, 13 Aug 05:53 AM

Good look at backgrounding jobs. Excellent QA about common pitfalls, etc.

Stringio kevintriplett, 13 Aug 07:12 PM

Thanks for easing my mind about using background job processing, and giving us good tips for avoiding pitfalls. I <3 procrastination!

Face2 Tim Tyrrell, 14 Aug 10:46 PM

Good info, good job, man!

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