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One much loved feature of Ruby is the ease with which the object model allows for internal DSLs. However, "metaprogramming" code, in Ruby, can be hard on the eyes which written in large quantities. "Lispy", a gem by Ryan Allen, was a first step toward a generic decoupling of internal DSLs from their implementation. I forked it, took it a ways further, and used it in a significant refactoring of a gem. During this presentation, I'll demonstrate how the LISPish notion that code is data can go a long way toward easing the burden of implementing internal DSLs

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Marina_city John McCaffrey, 12 Aug 10:48 PM

Wow, good talk that made me think about how I approach writing my code. lots to think about.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Steven Harms, 12 Aug 11:05 PM

This was the most noodle-baking presentation of the day. I don't have a training in compiler theory and have always been overwhelmed by the topic. Evan gave me a foothold on this topic, thankfully. I'm also going to review some of my DSLs thus far with the lessons from his slides.

Open-uri20110813-27559-oasl4f-0 ghg27, 13 Aug 06:17 AM

The most advanced talk I saw. A lot of information to think about. Well done.

Stringio kevintriplett, 13 Aug 07:11 PM

Thanks for depth of information -- I'm fascinated with tiny languages and providing an external DSL for my apps, thanks for very timely information!

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