Much Ado About CoffeeScript 3.88


CoffeeScript will ship with Rails 3.1 to replace RJS as the preferred way to dynamically generate JavaScript. It's a new language that take the best parts of Ruby, Python, and others to ease the worst parts of JavaScript. More than being the new kid on the Rails block however, CoffeeScript is mind-expanding in ways that will make you remember the first time you ever gave Ruby a try. This presentation will take you through the basics of CoffeeScript, starting with a crash course in syntax, all the way to a working application.

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 Steven Harms, 12 Aug 11:02 PM

I really love Mattt's presentation style. He's very funny, very amenable, and very present. Coffeescript is a new technology that's barreling downward at high velocity. I'm a lot less scared of what's coming thanks to this.

Open-uri20110813-27559-oasl4f-0 ghg27, 13 Aug 06:12 AM

Delivery was very good. I only wish that it went a bit deeper than a basic tutorial.

Mm_profile_med_bw expectationgap, 13 Aug 03:33 PM

Though I also wanted a deeper discovery into coffeescript, Matt did a great job with the delivery and really built up to a funny, striking crescendo. Solid talk.

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