Introduction to Web Development with JSP 4.93


Topics Covered

- The JavaBean Specification
- Java introspection
- How Java introspection dovetails with the JavaBean spec and how it's leveraged by JSP 
- Our first war deployment to Tomcat using ANT with a MySql backend
- Understanding how all the pieces (ANT, web.xml, Tomcat, libraries and the Database) fit together to make an application work
- A preview of JSPs

Comments on this Talk

Avatar-missing-icon-07 parabola, 23 Jun 01:44 PM

Fantastic class, lots of lab work.

Ebert gives Raju two thumbs up.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 rapture, 23 Jun 01:49 PM

Raju does a great job of explaining how things work behind the scenes so you understand what is happening for you as well as what you're doing yourself.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 Michael Jackson, 23 Jun 02:19 PM

Good class but not sure I feel comfortable with JSP. Feels like I am missing something.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 polygon, 23 Jun 05:10 PM

Really helped to get the 'big picture'. I like how Raju explains why these things are important in addition to the 'how to'.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Tim, 30 Jun 01:06 AM

Really like the explanation of topic. It's nice for the breakdown of information when possible. May like to see some more example of actually coding -

Avatar-missing-icon-07 rajsmallworld, 30 Jun 01:12 AM

Great class, Intense lab work. Good support and explaination from Raju about the lab.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 mmjavahh, 30 Jun 01:12 AM

The class was good and helpful for me because I had no prior experience with JSP. The examples were a good first step to help get myself started.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 cjagan, 30 Jun 01:13 AM

This class has provide me the insight to the Tomcat, ANT Lab work was good. I should have taken notes of all the deviations from the class lab notes.

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