Cuking, not Puking: Managing Cucumber in the Real World™ 2.23



"Many Rubyists today have strong feelings about Cucumber—some love it for removing them from the code in testing, others hate it for the same reason. Criticisms range from performance to unmanageable test suites and huge step libraries. In this class we'll show how many of the criticisms levelled at Cucumber are unwarranted, arising from misuse and misunderstanding. We'll start out with basic use of Cucumber and creating your own step libraries, and work our way through testing common scenarios of Ruby and Rails development. Along the way we'll cover known anti-patterns that still find their way into common usage, and strategies for introducing cucumber into both new and existing projects."

Outline: Morning session: * Installation * Basic Cucumber * Creating Steps * Capybara and FactoryGirl

Afternoon: * Common testing scenarios * Handling external dependencies * Antipatterns

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Steve-sm srogers1, 12 Aug 01:55 PM

Building a gem and using it in a rails project was a nifty example, but took way too much time for coding and not enough for Cucumber.

Stringio weyus, 12 Aug 10:18 PM

I wish the code had been pre-baked and in a git repo for download. We got bogged down in the afternoon.

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