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Everyone talks about writing web applications with Ruby, but it's great for applications of any kind. Shoes is a project that was started by _why the lucky stiff, and when he left, a plucky community of developers kept it alive.

If you've never worked with Shoes, it's the only Ruby GUI toolkit that is truly Ruby, and not just a binding to another project, like QT or tk. It uses Ruby-only features like blocks heavily, and works on all three platforms.

In this talk, Steve will do a small introduction to developing desktop apps with Shoes, talk about the challenges of maintaining a large polyglot project with an absent creator, and where Shoes is going in the future, as well as how you can get involved.

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Open-uri20120605-1-10odbnj ashbb, 24 Jun 11:42 AM

Fantastic! Can't wait to see your presentation about Shoes!

Jwo-blue Jesse Wolgamott, 13 Aug 06:50 PM

Heartfelt and honest, great delivery and message.

Stringio kevintriplett, 13 Aug 07:07 PM

This is what I love about the Lone Star Ruby Conf, and I sure with other Ruby Confs, are the talks like yours that present the human side of our craft. Kudos!

Ben8 Ben Scheirman, 13 Aug 07:38 PM

My favorite talk at LSRC. Thought-provoking, emotional plea to help fix our community.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 rubytester, 14 Aug 01:39 AM

Best talk at LSRC.

Stream.12748 Jeff Casimir, 14 Aug 03:23 PM

Can I say "terribly depressing in a good way"? Is there a checkbox for that?

Avatar-missing-icon-05 Mike Manewitz, 14 Aug 09:25 PM

Part Shoes overview, part "state of the community" heart-to-heart. Highlight of the conf for me. Passion is contagious. "Open Source is Made of People"

Stringio kevintriplett, 15 Aug 12:53 AM

Comment deleted by kevintriplett on August 15, 2011 at 12:55 AM
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