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You understand the basics of jQuery to handle some events and maybe do some animation, but there's a lot more that you could be doing.

Local JavaScript experts Mark Casias and Brian Arnold will walk you through a few examples of using jQuery and JavaScript to tackle a couple of common issues, as well as how to create a simple application that utilizes information from other services such as Twitter and Flickr.

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Mrt Damon, 07 Jul 04:27 PM

Great talk, probably too much content for allotted 1 hour time slot.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Samantha, 07 Jul 07:17 PM

Definitely the best two people to be presenting on this topic. Nice work!

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Cara, 08 Jul 12:01 AM

Very well presented material. The first exercise was really cool and very interesting to hear about the thought process behind it. The JQuery portion was a bit over my head because I haven't delved into those libraries yet but I was still able to follow along. Both presenters were very mindful of differing levels of knowledge in the audience and I thank you for that. This was my first event and everyone was very welcoming. Thank you!

Avatar-missing-icon-05 Ingrid , 08 Jul 02:29 AM

Fascinating talk and very well done. Only suggestion I have is that a little bit of extra explanation on JQuery would've been helpful... I have worked in JavaScript but have not used JQuery and it would've been good to know what the dollar signs and hash tags mean. This was my first event and I'll definitely be back! Thank you!

Avatar_hrg Brian Arnold, 10 Jul 05:28 PM

Hi Ingrid and Cara,

Thank you so much for the feedback! There have been some past talks on jQuery, so that may have been a bit too glossed-over. We'll take that into consideration in future talks, to ensure that at least some basics are given out during the presentation.

Here's hoping we see you next month! :)

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Ingrid, 26 Jul 08:53 PM

Brian, that makes sense. It's tough to cover such a complex subject for a mixed audience. It was a great talk and I learned a ton. Thanks again.

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July 6, 2011 — 06:30 PM
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