Sessions Recap & Design Patterns - I 4.95


Topics Covered

- Session management with the Servlet API 
- The four variable scopes - Application, session, page and request
- Introduction to patterns
    - Modeling exercise  
    - Use of the Strategy pattern, and an implementation

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 parabola, 11 Jul 04:52 PM

Very good class, all original content, really helped connect the dots.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Tim, 14 Jul 12:00 AM

Loved this class because we did the thinking framed by Raju to lead us into the correct decisions. Going through the exercises helps me understand the content better than just a boring lecture. Thanks!!

Avatar-missing-icon-10 mmjavahh, 14 Jul 04:39 PM

I really enjoyed the examples we worked through as a class.

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