Stepping Into Custom Post Types 4.7


WordPress 3.0 expanded theme and plugin developer’s abilities to create Custom Post Types, representing data more complex than the average blog post. This functionality firmly establishes WordPress as a viable Content Management System, but it can be difficult to know how to use these new post types effectively in your themes.

Using a recent client project as a case study, this talk is a candid introduction to Custom Post Types for the intermediate theme developer. I will examine how creating your own post types can benefit you while developing a site, while also calling out some drawbacks and “gotchas” I found while designing a site heavily dependent on my own post types and taxonomies. If you have been developing your own themes and are beginning to need your content organized more clearly than categories allow, this talk may be for you!

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Jd_h_09_-49-cropped-200 Jon DiPietro, 23 Jul 02:55 PM

Terrific job. Smooth delivery - a little fast but understand you were under a time constraint. Content was relevant, organized and actionable. Very good presentation.

Stringio Katie C, 23 Jul 02:55 PM

Despite the talk being slightly over my head, KAdam was a FANTASTIC presenter! He controlled the audience, displayed that he had a WEALTH of knowledge, and made a technical subject very user friendly. You earned that vivacious applause!

Stream.21567 nikibrown, 24 Jul 12:09 PM

Great talk - almost surprised that this was your first time. You were confident and explained things very well. Hi-Five!

Avatar-missing-icon-10 Stephanie, 24 Jul 12:55 PM

Hard to believe that this was your first time presenting - you're a natural! Easy to understand presentation, well prepared, good examples and live demo.

Stringio Sandra, 24 Jul 01:47 PM

Great presentation! You clarified several issues I'd been wrestling with on a project I just finished. If this talk had been 4 weeks ago I would have less grey hairs :-/

This may have been you're first presentation but I'm sure not you're last. You did a fantastic job! You clearly know what you're talking about and are at ease communicating it. Great job.

Open-uri20110725-31744-wqa4se-0 jimmerd, 25 Jul 08:28 PM

Really good and clear. Nice to see that both code and plugin options were explained and the reasons to use both. Entertaining and energetic.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 byaparentdesign, 26 Jul 03:43 PM

Excellent delivery with good examples. I'd still like to see some advantages outlined of why clients may need/request this over other sorting techniques. Thanks, and look forward to seeing you speak in future!

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