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Firefox, Android, Chrome, WordPress, Apache, Linux: all of this software you use every day is open source. But what is open source software? What do open source licenses really mean? Why would anyone open source their work? How do they make money? Why should you contribute? Gina Trapani (lead developer of open source webapp ThinkUp will cover the basics of OSS, what's important about it, and how you can use it to your best advantage. Gina will follow up with a Q&A. She'll also have copies of the new edition of the Lifehacker book on hand to sign (

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Avatar-missing-icon-02 Phelan Riessen, 10 Aug 03:28 AM


Your public speaking has gotten much better since you first started at BCSD. Slow down your speech a bit but otherwise doing great!

Keep up the awesome work!

Jontweeter Jon Bachelor, 10 Aug 04:00 PM

Very interesting talk on a topic often associated with some very strong opinions and emotions. You can stop saying that you suck at public speaking... You most certainly do not. I look forward to any future talks you give!

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Tim Dietz, 11 Aug 01:00 PM


You interspersed information with story and humor gracefully. You made the topic interesting and fun and have a nice way of holding a crowd. I agree with Phelan...You're on your way, just slow down and breathe a little more. Sometimes it was a little hard to track. Otherwise, great presentation!

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August 9, 2011 — 07:30 PM
Qualcomm Building QRC (Qualcomm Research Center) (Map It)