Scripting Vim With Ruby 4.51


Vim has emerged as one of the premiere editors for Rubyists. This talk will teach you everything you need to know to take your Vim experience to the next level by extending Vim with the Ruby scripting interface. We will cover the Ruby interface's API and explore the power of customizing Vim with commands written in Ruby.

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Me250x250 Jon Kinney, 20 Aug 04:40 AM

Nice job Matt. I thought it was one of the smoother talks of the day! I appreciated that whether or not you practiced your delivery a lot, it came off as though you did. Very even keeled and easy to follow. I might even give Vim another chance ;)

Stream.2400 winescout, 20 Aug 04:03 PM

excellent work on a deep topic. Nice work introducing the topic, different components of what you were discussing, and then bringing it all together. Nice delivery, engaging with the crowd, and getting your message across.

Stringio Aaron Kalin, 20 Aug 09:24 PM

Well done! I've been looking for more information on how to do this and what it's capabilities are.

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August 19, 2011 — 03:30 PM
201 State Street, Madison, WI (Map It)