Building Web Application UI’s with jQuery UI 3.52


In this beginner to intermediate level talk we will explore the capabilities of the jQuery UI library by building a Web Application UI with nearly all of the interactions and widgets available in the library. We will also explore the jQuery UI CSS framework and jQuery UI Theming. The objective of the talk will be to become familiarized enough with the jQuery UI library to piece together a UI and understand how the options and events of widgets work enough to be able to build complex UI’s on your own. Our sample web application we will use to demonstrate building a UI is a simple to-do list with a login screen. Attendees to this talk should be at a beginner level for jQuery UI.

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Vnc2ytq10sf7vo4c7tjv erickrdch, 02 Oct 02:08 PM

Content was more for a beginner rather than intermediate level. I guess it was because of short times for each conf.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 sebed, 19 Oct 07:33 PM

Interesting topic, but a terrible use of dark background color made the code samples undreadable from the back of the room.

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