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Do you write JavaScript? Congratulations, you're probably awesome at Node.js! While thinking about things from a server-side perspective might feel off-putting and unnatural, things like callbacks, storing data in JSON, and implementing actual websites probably do not. We'll go beyond getting Node installed and talk about how to quickly build a working web application, and demonstrate that Node can offer frontend developers more than just a new prototyping tool or way of creating endless chat servers.

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Avatar-missing-icon-05 Joel, 01 Oct 08:26 PM

This was an interesting topic - if more explanation was given in the lecure about the items being discussed. In the beginning you asked who had used Node.js before and there were very few people - this should have been a big red flag that you need to give a bit more explanation about the script and it's use.

Stringio cwbuecheler, 02 Oct 03:06 AM

Garann sounded nervous. I don't know for sure, but I would guess by the tone of her voice and the way she moved through her slides that she was a new presenter. That said, I thought the presentation was very interesting, She covered a lot about what Node.js can do, made a strong case for why front-end developers should be interested in it, and even added some humor later in the presentation. Would've liked a bit more base info on node.js, but the talk still convinced me to check it out when I get home.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 fredericaltorres, 02 Oct 03:20 AM

Just the NodeJs marketing. Do not need to pay a jQuery Conference to hear that.

Vnc2ytq10sf7vo4c7tjv erickrdch, 02 Oct 02:12 PM

NodeJS is a really nice technology, but as usual it is in the early adopters moment (we rock!). Maybe having a workshop so everybody can really appreciate it would be better or keeping the standard conference but seen real code working instead of just slides.

Open-uri20111002-27754-161j8dy-0 alvincrespo, 02 Oct 02:20 PM

I think the overall presentation was very useful in terms of a quick jumpstart to Node.js, however because of the lack of understanding between how to use javascript on the frontend vs. backend the talk didn't really help most frontend devs.

However, what can be done is to get a quick 'live' tutorial of how to setup node on your computer and create a quick server to test static markup. This would almost help any frontend dev get started by understanding the installation, implementation and execution of nodejs with their projects.

I would say the resources given during this presentation was very useful and I think helps most devs hit the ground running. Thanks for the presentation and I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Open-uri20111002-27159-1jep31d-0 chrisoh, 02 Oct 11:11 PM

was disappointed with this presentation - basically marketing and presentation of material from the web which you can basically read/google yourself. the slides were poor as well.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 dmorgan, 03 Oct 04:19 PM

I found this presentation to be a bit lacking. I'm a developer that does front-end and back-end programming and I am all for suing the right tool for the job. However, node.js doesn't do anything different than what you can do with any other back-end technology like php, rails or java. As an advocate for this technology I wish she could have spoken bit more towards why I should consider using node.js vs. using say php or rails. As with any back-end technology you might get more mileage learning a language like php instead of completely relying on JavaScript alone. More advocacy and perhaps a real world example of a problem you had to solve using node.js.

Open-uri20120605-1-vrhcsb lewsid, 03 Oct 05:13 PM

I enjoyed the presentation, but wasn't blown away. Most of us have already seen the standard HTTP tutorial code. I was hoping to hear a convincing case for using Node.js over the tried-and-true LAMP stack, or even a rough roadmap.

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