Modernizr, YepNope, and Polyfills 4.42


HTML5 is great. Everyone thinks so. You just can't wait until the web has enough support for it, right? Well, there are plenty of tools you can use to make that dream a reality. Learn how to build on the HTML5 stack without looking behind your back the whole time. Modernizr provides the ideology behind doing this. Yepnope (Modernizr.load) provides the means for making it fast, and the polyfills do all the hard work to make your app consistent and beautiful... today.

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Open-uri20120605-1-1clxa0r Ryan Zielke, 08 Oct 03:59 PM

Awesome job. Ok to go fast on slides but not to fast to not allow notes

Stringio Aaron Stacy, 08 Oct 05:42 PM

Enjoyed the content and the delivery The surrounding info was really helpful.

Slexaxtonavatar2 Alex Sexton, 08 Oct 08:53 PM

@Ryan - hopefully you check this again, but I posted the slides above to help you out. Thanks for the feedback.

Open-uri20110720-26381-1yjb8tj-0 Mike Wilcox, 09 Oct 03:25 AM

Made me laugh multiple times. Mark of a good presentation.

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