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What is HTML5 Video and how is it different from what we are used to? Does it work the same on all browsers and on all devices? What problems does it solve, and what issues does it have? This is the web, so it's open source right? In this presentation, we will address these questions and provide some basic terminology for understanding how video works. We'll show how to embed HTML5 Video, and how to implement work-arounds for older browsers.

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 ucantseemee, 08 Oct 04:56 PM

In a room full of designers, how about a readable font? drop the garbage "silly" slides and get to the content, please. Also, seriously ... a strip club joke? C'mon man.

Christmas mikegrace, 08 Oct 04:57 PM

Sexist content not acceptable at conference.

Stream.16077 jlleblanc, 08 Oct 05:05 PM

The technical information was timely, relevant, and understandable. However, sexist jokes have no place in any presentation, regardless of the audience.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Shaun, 08 Oct 05:18 PM

Great talk, entetaining and informational with 1 image that was controversial for some. I thought it explained the current state of video well as well as some context on why we don't yet have a great solution yet.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 briangarcia, 08 Oct 07:32 PM

Inappropriate jokes aside, thought too much time was spent on the history of web video. Adding more practical information in place of the history and minimizing the jokes would greatly add to the presentation.

Open-uri20110720-26381-1yjb8tj-0 Mike Wilcox, 09 Oct 03:49 AM

I've given this talk before with a LOT of technical information and lost 95% of the audience. Video goes from ridiculously simple to over the top complicated in a hurry with very little in between. How many people really need to know what a b-frame is? I find the political battles between the standards bodies much more more interesting and relevant for an HTML5 conference.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 katelynchalk, 09 Oct 08:45 PM

My company is ramping up into video and Mike really helped show the issues we'll run into. And he was definitely the funniest speaker!

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