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When conducting user research, we all know asking the right questions is just as important as how you ask them, but how do you even know what questions to ask? What if the discussion topic is extremely personal and private? How do you get a complete stranger to open up to you? There is a better way to conduct an in-depth interview and it doesn’t involve using a clipboard. Just imagine what you could discover if the participant’s answers weren’t limited to a predetermined set of questions.

Collaging is a needs-elicitation technique where users randomly select images to represent how they feel about a specific topic. Users then explain the reason they chose each image to the moderator. The collage becomes an instrument for participants to express the needs that they might not otherwise have been able to articulate. This information allows us to better understand the user's world and how to design for it.

This presentation will explain the history of collaging and other projective techniques, what you can learn from it, how to conduct it, and how to analyze the findings. A demonstration of a Collaging exercise will also be performed with participants from the audience!

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Stringio lindsayt, 24 Mar 09:14 PM

Thank you for letting me participate. You are a natural presenter, and you displayed lots of confidence. You seemed very comfortable as you spoke which made it easy to listen to you.

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