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Let's take a deep dive into the ugly nitty gritty details of some of the most complicated and advanced JavaScript APIs that HTML5 has to offer, including, but not limited to:

  • <canvas>
  • History API
  • localStorage/sessionStorage
  • appCache
  • Web Sockets
  • Local Files + XHR2
  • Web Workers
  • Native Drag & Drop

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Open-uri20110531-10882-1iz574l-0 b_antunes, 26 Apr 03:01 PM

Kinda too fast on the delivery - still, great overall content and presence on stage.

Stream.12748 Jeff Casimir, 26 Apr 04:42 PM

"On Crack"? Seriously? Let's step up our language.

404086_2047299677584_1697213180_1072740_1131891954_n mmiszy, 30 Apr 07:43 PM

Great flow and presence, but a little bit too much to cover during so short presentation. Many lines of code but important things clearly marked. Great as a quick insight which was supposed to amaze the audience with HTML5 capabilities.

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