Out of the GATE with OWIN 4.5 http://spkr8.com/t/9671


How many web and application servers can you name that host .Net applications? How many web frameworks exist for building .Net applications? My bet is you can count either number on one hand. One of the goals of OWIN is to change that. We’ll explore other goals of OWIN, the GATE library, and build an application that’s portable across multiple application servers. I’ll also show the power of modules built for OWIN.

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Stringio Scott Smerchek, 01 May 01:01 AM

Dusty did a great job with a live demo showing off how easy it is to get a site running using OWIN.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 web101, 01 May 06:04 AM

Comment deleted by web101 on May 01, 2012 at 6:04 AM

Avatar-missing-icon-02 xianchen, 10 May 01:47 AM

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