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You’ve seen the intro, you’ve cloned from GitHub, maybe even committed once or twice…but you’re still not convinced Git’s learning curve is worth the climb. This session aims to shed some light from the real world on how Git is different, why the differences matter, and introduce some features and use cases you never knew you couldn’t live without. Topics covered will include rewriting history with interactive rebase, separating concerns with patchwise add, smashing bugs with bisect, recovering from missteps with reflog and much more.

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Stringio hcoverlambda, 28 Apr 07:30 PM

+1 for the pun in the title

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Jim Lenox, 30 Apr 11:50 PM

Good explanation on the rewriting history and why it is good. I think it is common that it is perceived as rewriting what is in the wild not just local commits.

Bisect command was interesting.

I had just gotten our shop switched from vault to Hg. Wishing I had pushed for Git but am definitely glad to be in the DVCS world.

Thanks for the talk.

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