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SpeakerRate is a community site for event organizers, attendees, and speakers.

We aim to improve public speaking for all involved.

  • Event organizers find better speakers, promote their events, and find out which speakers to invite back.

  • Attendees recommend speakers and events, rate and discuss talks, and find the best sessions to attend.

  • Speakers get constructive feedback, improve, build a speaker profile, and earn new gigs.

Public speaking is America’s top fear (more than heights, clowns, and zombies). It’s one of the most valuable life skills to grow and can be improved with practice, constructive feedback, and support. SpeakerRate helps to minimize the those fears, hone those skills, and facilitate that feedback.

SpeakerRate is a passion project that is owned, built, and supported entirely by Viget under our Pointless Corp. innovation lab.

We built SpeakerRate because we are event organizers, attendees, and speakers ourselves. We find it useful, and hope you do too.

The SpeakerRate Policy

At SpeakerRate, we encourage anyone to add speaker, event, and talk information to the site. This system of public contribution means that many speakers get more coverage and kudos than they would if we required each speaker to write about themselves. Think of it kind of like Wikipedia.

But occasionally, things need a little fix. Sometimes there are duplicate events, missing information, or stuff that's just plain wrong. We try our best (with your help) to resolve disputes regarding talks, event, and personal details. If you ever see a mistake or abuse, let us know.