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June 7, 2010

By: SpeakerRate Team

Coming in as the new Product Manager Intern, I couldn’t be more excited about jumping in headfirst and helping take SpeakerRate to where it belongs: stardom. Maybe it won’t become the next Facebook just yet, but it has the potential to bring the public speaking industry to a new level.

Whether you fully know why SpeakerRate has so much potential or not, you may be asking: where is SpeakerRate heading in the coming months? We have plenty of exciting to-dos and action items on the docket, but I’ll give you the highlights.


We have a lot of ideas for new features and plenty of improvements to make. Currently, we’re focusing on building out an activity tracking system that will allow such things as automatic emails for related activity (your talk has been rated, you have been added to a talk, etc.). We will also be increasing the performance and page load time across the site, starting with the “Create a Talk” page. Some ideas for future development include building an easier way to import multiple talks, allowing event creators to have more control over editing talks, and a revamped home page with more relevant user data.

This Blog

Not only will this blog serve to provide updates on the development of SpeakerRate and as a tool to get your feedback, but we hope to begin a series of helpful posts for the industry. Over the next few weeks we will begin a series of interview posts with event organizers and speakers in order to compile relevant and helpful data for others. We’ll also be covering some topics and questions that frequently face all conference participants. If you have ideas for topics or questions you may have, let us know.

As always, we’re very open to feedback as to how we can make SpeakerRate more useful for you. Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll see what we can do.


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