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May 28, 2010

By: SpeakerRate Team

Over the past few months SpeakerRate’s traffic has been increasing, we’ve received more feedback in GetSatisfaction, more tweets, and more comments submitted directly from the site. The feedback has ranged from feature requests to partnership inquiries with conference organizers (and fortunately not too many rants!).

To keep up we are bringing on our first product intern. Zach will be engaging with the SpeakerRate community, managing our backlog, lining up engineering resources, and marketing SpeakerRate to conference organizers. He may even get some sleep along the way if he’s lucky!

We’ve also created this handy blog, to keep you up to date with what we are working on. We’re looking forward to a productive season and hope to roll out many of the improvements you’ve been asking us for.

Thanks for using SpeakerRate!

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