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October 11, 2010

By: SpeakerRate Team

For some time, the SpeakerRate team has been working on how to make rating and commenting on talks accessible for more users. Last month we saw access and activity open up by no longer requiring registration for rating or commenting on talks. Today, we take a step further. For any talk, you will now be able to export rating and commenting functionality to your own site. This is a feature that numerous conference organizers and users have requested. As feedback and ideas from our users are always valued, we listened closely and have worked hard to release such a widget.

In order to access the widget for a talk, you will either need to be the creator or a speaker associated with the talk. You can find the widget html on the right sidebar of the talk page underneath the time and location. Copy this code and paste it wherever html can be used.

Immediately visible on your site will be a “Rate It” button with the current talk rating information displayed immediately below it. A user can then click the button and an overlay will appear with the ability to rate and comment. When the rating and/or comment is submitted, the data will be sent to SpeakerRate and the user will be prompted to close the overlay, never having left your site. We believe this will increase attendee feedback participation even further by allowing the user easier and quicker access to SpeakerRate talks.

In the post above you’ll see an example of the widget for a talk we’ve created just for you to see how the widget operates. Give it a test drive and let us know what you think.

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