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JUDCon London 2011

About the Event

October 31, 2011

London, UK

When: October 31, November 1st 2011

Where: London's Park Plaza Victoria.

Why: Because developers need to get their hands dirty in code.

What is JUDCon?

JUDCon is a conference "By Developers, For Developers." Presentations will include a range of deep technical dives into JBoss Community projects and related technical topics of developer interest.

The fourth JUDCon to date, JUDCon London: 2011 will be a two-day, four-track event packed with valuable sessions, and an evening or exciting events that will run into the wee hours.

On Monday we'll have 3 tracks for a total of 18 sessions to choose from: "OpenShift / Cloud," "Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI" and "Cool Stuff."

After dinner, there will be a live recording of the JBoss Community Asylum podcast. Then come the Lightning talks, HackFest, and beer... until after midnight.

On Tuesday November 1st we have 5 more sessions focused squarely on JBoss Application Server 7. This second day will also include Dr. Mark Little's JAX keynote "Middleware Everywhere - Ready for Mobile and Cloud" and Jax Community Night, and Jax London attendees will get to attend this second day for free.

How much? Monday Pass = £100, 2 Day Pass = £200.

What if I want to go to Jax London as well? JUDCon London: 2011 will be co-located with JAX London and share the same venue. If you would like to attend both (and who wouldn't want to) our advice is to get a Monday pass for JUDCon London, and then register for Jax London... you'll get the second day of JUDCon London thrown in for free!

We've never had a JUDCon in London before, and we are very excited at the prospect. Register now! We hope to see you there!

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