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MK Kashiyama Merek Spare Part Mobil untuk Rem Cakram

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November 27, 2015


To design a product, the staff are familiar with a wide range of information products (callipers and backing plate, etc.) and knowledge of molds (blanking and forming) work on improving the quality of the design. Mixing different types of raw materials based on information accumulated over the years and the quality of techniques, and developing friction materials to meet requirements such as model cars, use, and market conditions and are looking for performance such as effectiveness, life, noise, vibration and aggression to other materials. Various parts are much sought after today as an active rider of course you should be able to choose what is the best brand and quality. And feasible for use in your vehicle as well as not a few people who end up complaining due to wear spare parts that are less qualified for that I will introduce mk Kashiyama brand quality spare parts for car brake disc brake drum brake linings best in Indonesia today. Brake pad or commonly also called disc pad and brake shoe is manufactured using non-asbestos materials that are environmentally friendly and do not damage the drum or rotor, "said Agung Nugroho as the SPV. Product PT. Dirgaputra Ekapratama. As is known, the brake is a component on the car which has a very important role, in case of failure or damage to the brake system or pegereman it will be a fatal impact on the vehicle and could even crash. MK Kashiyama brand Car Parts for Disc Brakes, Drum brakes and brake lining Best Qualified in Indonesia

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