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Do you need detox? (Part I)

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December 4, 2016

Virginia, United States

Have you ever undergone a detoxification program before? If not, do you know whether you need one or not? It is essential that you consider having one since every person, even the one whom you think or deem to be healthy may require one.

Here is a short list of questions (there could be 40 or more others) one can ask to determine whether you need to go through a vital detox program:

1.Do you eat commercially-grown fruits and vegetables? Why is this question important? If your answer is yes, it means you could be ingesting unhealthful amounts of chemical toxins that have been sprayed on or absorbed into those farm produce to enhance their growth or their marketability. Pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizers can cause the body to react and affect normal functions of such organs as the liver, the heart and the skin.

2.Do you regularly eat at fast-food restos? Do you often eat processed food? Majority of people do; hence, many people suffer the consequences of acquiring the taste for commercially-prepared food and neglecting the more nutritious and less-expensive home-cooked grandma recipes with generous amounts of fresh veggies and other organic produce.

3.Do you have chronic infection? If the answer is yes, you may have deficiencies in the blood cells that promote your body’s inability to counteract germs or bacteria. Your cells are the front line defense against foreign bodies that constantly do battle against your health. And the blood has the most active participation in furnishing the whole body and its organs with sufficient supply of nutrients and internal resources to maintain a well-balanced immune system.

4.Are you moody? Do you constantly feeling depressed? Yes, even the state of your mental or emotional condition can be a result of the kind of diet you have or the lifestyle you practice. Lack of niacin or Vitamin B3, for instance, can bring about such a condition which can easily be minimized of eliminated with proper diet – particularly cashew nuts, cereals and other niacin-rich foods.

5.Are you overweight or underweight? Not having normal weight, in relation to your age and height, can be a sure sign of nutritional deficiency or, specifically, excessive intake of certain foods such as fatty or cholesterol-rich food, refined sugar and carbohydrates.

The Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia puts out regular articles and reviews on how homeopathy can benefit people who may experience one or some of the above symptoms. With the ongoing trend of many people casually neglecting proper care of their health and their diet, the Group believes in its responsibility to inform and to assist people to find a way of addressing their physiological challenges through natural and less-intrusive methods while preserving the body’s ability to cope with such issues by enhancing our immunity system.

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