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VT -NDT Certification Course

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February 2, 2018

Bangalore, Karnataka

Course Objectives

Level 1 This course prepares a candidate to conduct Eddy Current Inspection and

Perform specific calibrations Specific NDT Specific evaluations for Accept or Reject Determinations according to written Instructions Recording results

Level 2 Describe the basic principles of the eddy current test method

List several applications of the eddy current test method List the types of discontinuities detected with the eddy current test method Describe the cause and effect of various types of discontinuities Describe the operational steps in the eddy current test and understand the importance of each step following a written procedure Interpret and evaluate the test results with respect to the applicable standards Complete the required test reports, and prepare a clear and concise written instruction (Procedure) Locate defects in various materials, components and structures with a high probability of detection

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