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How can I retrieve my Facebook password

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December 5, 2018

Los Angeles

Steps to Retrieve Facebook password Facebook is an American online social media and networking service. It is wonderful source to communicate with people all around the world. Facebook’s popularity and users increased day by day rapidly. Advantages of Facebook:

  1. To use Facebook, user has to make an account on Facebook with password.

  2. User can chat with anyone online.Its video chat option is very helpful.

  3. With Facebook account, you can stay connected to your family and friends.

  4. User can follow groups and pages of his interest like photography, trends, business, news etc.

  5. Facebook is a very platform to promote something. User can promote his blogs, photography skills and share his views.

  6. User can also recruit through Facebook.

  7. For marketing purpose, Facebook can be a valuable to create a brand.

  8. User can access Facebook free from any phone device.

Steps to Retrieve Facebook Password:

If user has lost his password and no longer be able to access his account, there is no need to worry. User can get his password retrieve by “Facebook password recovery” process. Here, a few steps to follow to retrieve facebook password- Method 1-

  1. First, user needs to select the “forgot password” link,

  2. Enter his username.

  3. Then user has to enter the last remember password to identify his Facebook account.

  4. User can get options for receiving the verification code-

  5. If user choose “text message”, then he will get 6 digit code on his provides phone number.

  6. If user choose “email” option, then he will get verification code in his mailbox.

After get the verification code, user need to enter the code and then retrieve the password.

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