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how to change forgot facebook password

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March 14, 2019

New York, US

How To Change Forgot Facebook Password

Do you suspect that your Facebook password is known by someone else? If yes, then it might be a reason to worry. Your pictures and all personal data might be at stake and may be on the verge of misuse by the person.

But you do not need to panic as you still have the option to secure your Facebook account. This can be done when you change your account password. And if you are not aware of changing the password then you may follow the steps below.

Steps to Make You Aware of Changing Password on Facebook

Launch from the search bar of your favourite web browser.

Enter the username and password in the box and click “Next” to continue.

When your Facebook profile is displayed in front of you, tap on your name available at the top right corner.

Scroll down to find the “Account Settings” option and tap on it.

Select the option of “Privacy” and go to Change Password.

Three boxes are displayed in front of you. Enter the current password in one box and then enter the new password and re-confirm it in the third box.

Tap “OK” to confirm and the password will be changed successfully.

You can log out and log into the account once again to get the confirmation.

Therefore, you get help with the above steps, you come to know How to change the Facebook password and protect your account from trespassing.

Contact Facebook Help Centre For Assistance

Further, if the user has an issue then he may contact the Facebook help centre which is active for 24/7.

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