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Get a step by step manual to fix Printer not connecting to WiFi

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March 13, 2019


It is no wonder if we say the printers are one of the great inventions to humankind and the best gift from technology. And with the advancement of technology, there is numerous kind of printers are available in the market. Moreover, being a machine, it is natural to see technical glitch with the printers and hence printer technicians come into the act and help all the troubled users to rectify the issue.

Besides, if your printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi and you have to fix this issue then you should not be bothered about it as a step by step procedure is mentioned below to connect your printer with Wi-Fi network.

Simple steps to connect Printer with Wi-Fi network manually

The first thing you need to do is turning off the power supply of your Printer machine.
Also, the interface cable must be detached from the board and printer.
Further, you should choose the connection type to the Wireless network.
In addition, you would require to connect the printer to the main power source and turn on the power supply.
After that, you should set up a printer for the wireless network.
Thereafter, you would require to click the Apple icon.
Then you will need to select the System Preferences
You should select 'Print & Fax' or 'Print & Scan' option and then click the '+' button.
Also, you have to choose the Default option and select your printer name.
Moving to the next steps, you should click Add option. 

Once you add your printer, close system preferences and check whether your printer is connected or not. Moreover, you still find the issue of not connecting the printer to the wireless network, then, you should not waste your time and contact the printer technicians. As they will help you to resolve the issue of the printer not connecting to Wi-Fi through experienced and skillful executives who provide a reliable solution for the issue. Also, the support team works around the clock to provide you help at any time of the day or night.

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