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Outlook Email on iPhone

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April 15, 2019

New York

Outlook Email on iPhone

Do you suspect that your Outlook account is being used by any third person? If yes then you do not need to panic as you can change your email password. And in case you are not aware of Outlook change password process then you may follow the steps below for the same.

Learn How to change your Outlook Password on Phone

Unlock your device and go to Outlook application from the application store.

On the sign-in page, enter the username and tap “Next”.

Now enter the password of email and tap “Next”.

A new page is displayed as the outlook inbox and other details. From the left corner of the outlook email, scroll down and tap on “Manage Account” option.

Tap on the link of “Privacy and Security” and then go to change password option.

To verify, enter the captcha code displayed in front of you and tap “Next”.

Then create a new password that is strong and easy for you to remember and tap “Next”.

Re-enter the password once again to confirm and tap “OK”.

The password gets successfully changed and you can log into the account using the new password.

Also, all the iPhone users may also follow the same steps above by installing Outlook Email on iPhone.

Seeking Help From Outlook Support

The users who have any doubts further may contact the toll-free Outlook support helpline. This helpline is 24/7 active so that the user does not hesitate in contacting the customer support.

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