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How to fix Google maps not working on android/ phone?

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August 14, 2019

New York, NY, U.S

Why is Google Maps not working on iPhone?

Do you use Google Maps on your Android or iPhone to access the multiple locations? But suddenly it has stopped working and showing some unwanted error? Then don’t think too much about that as there could be varied reasons behind this error and you have to understand them in order to fix this issue. There are lots of simple ways to fix Google Maps not working issue and you can simply fix them within simple troubleshooting.

Steps to fix Google Maps not working on Android/iPhone:

Solution 1: Check your internet connection

A proper internet connectivity is very important to use Google Maps and you have to ensure that your device has an active internet connection.

Solution 2: Update Google Maps app

Using an older Google Maps app version also causes Google Maps not working iPhone issue and you can simply get rid of this problem just by updating the app to the latest version and then tries to access it.

Solution 3: Restart your device

Restarting a device often resolve multiple issues and you can also fix varied Google Maps related issues after restarting the device which is very simple and straightforward to do.

In case you are still confused about how to fix Google Maps not working on Android issue, then you can contact the customer service team to get reliable and instant help to fix this issue. You may also fix the multiple issues related to Google Maps through their help.

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