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how to reserve seats on Lufthansa airlines

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September 10, 2019


Lufthansa Airlines seat reservations

If you have booked your flight with Lufthansa Airlines and you are wondering whether they allow seat reservation to the passengers or not, then don’t worry as Lufthansa allow to reserve a seat. If you want to know how you can reserve seats on Lufthansa Airlines then go through the information given below:

· You can reserve your seat while booking your ticket on Lufthansa Airlines website or you can reserve your seat afterward from my booking section available on its website. But keep in mind to reserve seat before 52 hours of flight departure.

· You can also call Lufthansa reservations center and ask the customer service executive to book your preferred seat.

· The remaining seats are assigned to the passengers free of cost during check-in that starts from 23 hours before the flight departure. Seat reservation during check-in is possible but there are limitations.

· Advance seat reservation is free of cost for first class, business class and premium economy class on long-haul flights.

· HON circle members can reserve their seat free of cost with Lufthansa Airlines regardless of the class they are traveling in.

· On long haul flights the advance seat selection is free of cost for up to three companions of senator and HON Circle members.

You can also call Lufthansa Airlines customer support and ask them about how to book a preferred seat with them.

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