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October 9, 2019


How to fix printer not printing after refilling the cartridge?

Printer stops working once the ink gets over. But sometimes despite filling ink, printer does not print. This is a very common issue in printers which can be resolved at home itself. Hence if your printer also stopped working then refer to below solutions.

Hacks to fix printer not working:

1.Printers stop responding when we try filling ink ourselves. Therefore try to get it done at shops by someone expert

2.Open the ink box and see if ink has spread properly in all corners or not.

3.Look if you have removed the tape of the nozzle or not. Printer is not able to print sometimes because the tape isn’t removed

4.Make sure the new ink filled in the cartridge is identified by the printer. Or else it will consider the box to be empty

Hence follow above steps to make your printer work. In case printer is still not printing then there is a serious issue. As a user I can contact printer repair near me.

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