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Gmail not Working on iPhone and Android

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November 8, 2019

San Francisco

Know how to fix Gmail not responding on Android and iPhone

Are you unable to access your Gmail services on your Android and iPhone devices? Well, don’t need to fret out as you can easily fix this issue in time by trying some simple steps provided in this article.

Further, to help out the users facing Gmail Not working on iPhone issue here, they will be offered with the separate steps which they can opt to quickly resolve this issue in time.

Fixing Gmail not working issue On iPhone

For Gmail not responding on the iPhone issue, the user can simply enable IMAP by navigating to the Settings section.

Also, the user can simply remove their Gmail account from the device and add it again to resolve this issue in time.

Further, it is suggested to the user to check the details that they are entering for accessing the Gmail account.

Lastly, the user can opt for the factory reset option to quickly fix this issue in time.

 2. Gmail not Working On Android

Further, Gmail not working Android can be fixed easily by checking the internet connectivity of the device.

Also, it is suggested to the users to check the version of the Gmail application as this issue can arise because of the outdated version of the Gmail app.

The user can simply restart their device to quickly fix this issue.

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