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AdhearsionConf 2012

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October 20, 2012

AT&T Foundry, Palo Alto California

The third AdhearsionConf will be held in Palo Alto at the stylish digs of the AT&T Foundry on the weekend of October 20-21, 2012. For the first time we are also offering a full day of hands-on training the day before the conference, led by the Adhearsion core team.

Ben Klang, Ben Langfeld and Jason Goecke, the team behind Adhearsion, will be on hand for two days of talks, knowledge sharing and even some pair programming on all things Ruby and Telephony. There will also be presentations from members of the Adhearsion community on interesting Adhearsion deployments, Adhearsion at scale, and more. Of special interest this year is the new world of Adhearsion 2.0. First announced at the last AdhearsionConf, Adhearsion 2.0 brings a new world of functionality and even more Ruby to bear on the voice application domain. We will go in-depth on the new features of Adhearsion 2.0 throughout the weekend.

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