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NOSQL Europe

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April 20, 2010

SkillsMatter, London

NOSQL EU is a conference about non-relational database systems. It is sprung out of the observation that the era of the "one-size-fits-all database" seems to be over. Instead of squeezing all your data into tables, we believe the future is about choosing a data store that best matches your data set and operational requirements. It's a future of heterogeneous data backends, polyglot persistence and choosing Not Only SQL but sometimes also a document database, a key-value store or a graph database.

That future is already here. Many organizations today choose to stray off the well-trodden path of the relational database -- some because the sheer volume of their data breaks all RDBMS barriers, others because the complexity of their domain imposes impossible demands on static, pre-defined tables.

NOSQL EU will gather the best and brightest of the NOSQL community to discuss the opportunities and limitations of putting non-relational data stores in production. It will focus on how to use the various NOSQL alternatives and experiences from actually putting them in production.

With two full conference days and one day of hands-on workshops, NOSQL EU will be the largest NOSQL event to date. Please join us Apr 20-22 in London to discuss the practical implications of one of the hottest trends right now.

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