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Introduction to the Semantic Web, Semantic Bazaar and Garlik

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April 22, 2010

New York, NY

New to the Semantic Web? This is the session for you! Christine Connors will introduce you to the basic concepts and foundations of the Semantic Web. Evan Sandhaus will take you to the emerging Linked Data cloud and Sergey Chernyshev will close the session with an introduction to RDFa for embedding rich metadata within your Web documents.

In addition we will introduce the Semantic Bazaar, an opportunity for start-ups, companies and enthusiasts alike to present their projects, products and ideas to the community. The Semantic Bazaar will open it's doors at 4:30pm and will close at 6pm.

Between 6pm and 6.45pm we will have Mischa Tuffield from Garlik to show us how they make use of Semantic Web technologies in their live systems, and how they benefit from using a triplestore, what the business incentives are and why it makes sense to them to deploy Semantic Web technologies. Later Mischa will talk about 4store and 5store with some example applications that are based on Garlik technology. The Garlik presentation will be geared towards a more advanced audience and is applicable for professional deployment.


4.30 pm Semantic Bazaar - so far confirmed to be present: alias-i, Garlik, KONA, Semantifi **

6.00 pm Garlik and the Semantic Web Technologies: 4store & 5store - Mischa Tuffield (if not prevented by volcanic activity in Iceland)

6.45 pm An Introduction to the Semantic Web - Christine Connors,

7.30 pm Now What's Linked Data? - Evan Sandhaus

8.00 pm Semantic Data in Web Pages - Embedded RDFa - Sergey Chernyshev

8.30 pm Open Discussion

9.00 pm Closing

  • Please feel free to arrive at a time of your choice ** If you would like to see your company name here please let us know

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Talks at Introduction to the Semantic Web, Semantic Bazaar and Garlik

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