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May 13, 2010

Loop Bar, Melbourne, Australia

We've got three Web experts ready to indoctrinate you with Web goodness: Get a taste of chef Ben Schwarz's Masterclass "For the Love of the Web," where HTML5 slices and CSS dices. This will be an elimination round! Mark Nottingham will explain what HTTP did when it was out drinking for the last ten years, and how it's going to clean up its act real soon now and TAKE THIS RELATIONSHIP SERIOUSLY. Finally, fresh off the boat Tom Hughes-Croucher will take us on a whirlwind tour of how the Web really works. If there's time, he'll also show us his Christmas Island slideshow. Entry is free as in beer, also with free beer thanks to Yahoo! Arrive early to avoid the crushing crowds on Metro / roving bands of drunk, skull-cracking yobs / gangs of toddlers with no daycare / rogue insulation installers that are making this city such a shithole. But still a very liveable one.

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