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Owner Summit Austin 2015

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January 8, 2015

Austin, TX

Hey you! You know who you are. You’re that designer or developer that got tired of working for “the man,” so you decided to plot your own course and start your own shop (whether or not you knew the first thing about running a business).

Or, on the other hand, you might be that business-minded individual that always knew you’d be doing your own thing, and now that you’re on your way, you want to make sure you have your ducks in a row. How do you charge for your services? How do you hire good people? How do you scale?

Running a digital studio can be equal parts rewarding and maddening. Don’t go it alone.

Ever since we held the first Owner Camp two years ago, folks have been tugging at our shirttails asking for us to organize a larger event for studio owners of all shapes and sizes—from sole proprietors to partnerships, to growing shops on the move.

Owner Summit will feature keynote presentations from some of the digital design industry’s most successful/influential boutique agency owners, along with specialized breakout sessions to zero in on the niche topics that interest you the most. Topics will include:

  • Process & technical standards
  • Working with remote teams
  • Keeping clients on your side
  • The war on spec
  • The importance of employee feedback
  • Following your passion
  • Contracts & negotiation
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Selling the value of design
  • Project pricing
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

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