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MADExpo 2011

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June 30, 2011

Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA, 23666

The Mid Atlantic Developer Expo was born out of discussions among the community, and a desire to combine some of the efforts and energy that drives the great user groups and code camps in the area into an event that would bring together diverse groups of developers and technologists, and provide a great environment for learning and inspiration. Whether it's web development with ASP.NET or PHP, Kinect hacking, mobile development, or programming microcontrollers like Arduino and Netduino, the goal of MADExpo is to provide sessions and ongoing demos to teach and inspire. By bringing together developers, hardware enthusiasts, students, and other technologists in a single conference, it is our hope that we will create an environment ripe for collaboration and creativity, and inspire the next generation of software and hardware development.

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