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The second edition of the Agile Tour attracted more than 2,500 participants in 18 cities around the world (Canada, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, China). Thus, in 2009, Agile Tour became the first biggest conference on the Agile topic on the world. The third edition, Agile Tour 2010 should be more impressive. AgileTour will select at least 30 cities which will present content on the topics of Agile, Scrum, Crystal, Lean, Software Engineering, Psychology aspect, Antropology, Human resource and so on. If you want more details on the event, go to Probably, you will find an AgileTour event near your home. And if this is not the case, perhaps you might be able to host such event very soon. Objectives The main objectives of the Agile Tour are constantly evolving, but are currently: Massively communicate about Agile Our primary mission is to conduct a 'Mass Communication' about our development practices throughout the months of October and November. We want to communicate everywhere there is an audience in order to attract massive attention to our new professional approach. Share our visions of Agile Since Agile is constantly evolving, we want to be open to new horizons while also contributing our understanding, interpretation and ideas to the agile community. Federate Encourage leadership in all regions of the world in the agile arena, while being consistent with agile culture and self-organization. Support Assist our colleagues and local businesses in their adoption of Agile In resume, the mission of AgileTour is to create leaderships and leaders on Agile in all regions of the world in order to do a mass communication on Agile and impact the profesional world. Thus, AgileTour is an action that is intended to make emerge non-profit organizations and enterprise who base their foundation on Agile. Target Audience These conferences are aimed at everyone wanting to learn more about the world of Agile: Project Manager Coach ISD Businessman Director Marketing Team Developers Etc..
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