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From June, 2011 to June, 2011

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Erlang Solutions Ltd. organises two Erlang Factory conferences each year - in the San Francisco Bay Area and in London. The Erlang Factory is a way of bringing together the growing community that are using Erlang in many and varied ways, in order to showcase the language and its application to today's growing distributed environments. In 2009 the company took over the organization of the Erlang User Conference in Stockholm – the oldest Erlang conference in the world, run annually since 1994 (except 1996 when everybody was busy developing the first version of OTP). The Erlang Factory website is also being used to aggregate slides and videos from other Erlang conferences which are not organised by Erlang Solutions Ltd. In this way we are enabling knowledge flow within the Erlang community and the promotion of the Erlang language outside of it.
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