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From September, 2012 to September, 2012

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JavaZone is the biggest meeting place for software developers in Scandinavia, and one of Europe's most important. JavaZone has been described as a high quality, independent conference - a leading forum for knowledge exchange for IT-professionals. Each year around 2,300 conference tickets are sold. This years JavaZone is the eleventh and surely not the last. Over 30 large and mid-sized companies - our partners - exhibit their products and services in a separate exhibition space, while more than 100 presentations are given in the conference facilities. Over the two conference days, we deliver more than 200,000 hours of expertise. In addition, many informal discussions take place at stands and between attendees. Altogether, JavaZone stands out as a tremendous arena for knowledge transfer. A conference involving so many developers is also a key arena for recruitment. Through their exhibitions and other activities, our partners use the opportunity to promote their business and recruit new staff. JavaZone is more than just a conference. It's a place to meet, network and socialize! One of the key factors in the huge success of JavaZone has been the support of a great numbers of volunteers. JavaZone is a conference by and for software developers. Each year thousands of hours are put into making the conference a success. The Program Committee invites speakers from all over the world. Professionals know what professionals want, so the speakers are hand-picked, and the presentations are highly relevant. In the tradition of the conference, speakers are not paid an appearance fee for their contributions. Around half of the presentations are given in English and the other half in one of the Scandinavian languages. The conference's unconventional and non-commercial approach has also boosted its popularity.
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