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The Carolina Adobe User Group (CAUG) was founded in 2006 as the Carolina Macromedia User Group (CMMUG). We’ve expanded quite a bit since the days of Cold Fusion and Flash, and are no longer just a “developer’s group”. Our membership is around 75 strong, and includes UNC-CH employees from all walks of life and areas of interest. We have “creatives”, “coders” and “videophiles” in our ranks, and we strive to give something back to the few, the proud, the state employees that call UNC home. We meet the third Thursday of every month in ITS-Franklin (440 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27599). Our meetings cover many topics and have many styles (hands-on, seminar, lightning presos, AcrobatConnect remote presentations, and even co-working sessions). Have a project you’d like to share? Have a problem you need a new set of eyes for? Try the CAUG.
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